Pharos Tutors are specialists in online genealogy courses, providing topic-based courses both individually and as part of certificate programmes. Our excellent tutors are professional genealogists and archives professionals with many decades of teaching experience.
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Our students benefit from interaction with their tutor in weekly chat rooms on every tutor-led course. Courses are short and reasonably priced, based around interesting topics and fascinating records.
Mostly focused on the records of the British Isles, there are also courses applicable internationally, such as those on DNA and one-name and one-place studies.
Why the name, “Pharos”?  Because the Pharos lighthouse in Alexandria was one of the eight wonders of the ancient world, and at Pharos Tutors we aim to be a guiding light in the genealogy world.
You can get involved here as well.  Read the posts, make comments and contribute to the discussions.  Together we can advance our knowledge.

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